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Does not constrain movements, protects against wind, moisture, preserves body heat. The fabric is breathable, dries quickly, and has high wear resistance. The jacket is designed for the demi season with its changeable and humid weather.

Upper material - 94% polyester, 6% spandex. The membrane protects against water and moisture, preventing them from penetrating inside and at the same time removing excess steam and heat outside.

There are zippered vents under the sleeves. Thanks to this, natural heat exchange and dryness are supported, which is especially important in cold weather.

The jacket is fastened with a two-way zipper. The head is protected by a hood with a small visor, it has elastic ties with a stopper in the lower and back part. If the hood is not needed, it can be folded and hidden in the collar.

For convenience, the jacket has 8 pockets: 2 chest pockets, 3 sleeve pockets, 1 inner pocket, as well as a roomy waist pocket with two entries. Pockets close with zippers.

There are velcro panels on the chest and sleeves for chevrons and patches. Sleeves with elastic cuffs for a tight fit to the body, which are additionally adjustable with special velcro straps. It is possible to adjust the degree of fit of the jacket on the bottom with the help of an elastic band and fasteners.

Jacket Patriot Soft Shell Coyote

2 700,00₴Price
    • Color - coyote
    • Upper material - 94% polyester, 6% spandex
    • Sleeve cuffs with velcro and elastic
    • The fastener is a zipper with two sliders
    • Velcro panels for chevrons and velcro patches
    • The hood with a drawstring folds into the collar